Anja Liu

Mixed media, 2016

This group of artwork combines Chinese calligraphy and graffiti art to explore the relationship between the symbolic implication of calligraphy and the space around it.

Samurai’s Courtyard, 2016

Mixed media


This Samurai’s Courtyard was created under the influence of Japanese Wabi-Sabi style of art. I want to express the tranquility and understated beauty observed in Japanese scenery.

On the Cloud, 2016

Mixed media


In “On the Cloud”, I used hemp rope to imitate the shape of cloud, which was similar to the way Van Gogh did for his painting of Starry Night.

Reef in the Wave, 2016

Mixed media


“Reef in the wave” is another mix media created in the Japanese Wabi-Sabi style of art. The reef in the wave was created using abstract Chinese ink wash painting.

Maze, 2016




Words on the Roof, 2016

Chinese Ink and mixed media