Children are curious, imaginative and sensitive little beings. At this special point in my life, as I am drifting away from childhood and moving towards adulthood, I want to revisit certain moments from my childhood and contextualize these memories; and this leads to my theme: Dreams, Memories and Consciousness.

My influences are from a range of artists, including sculptor Alexander Calder, painter Meghan Howland and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. I adapted a variety of media to convey different messages. I used mobile sculpture to exhibit my childhood gadgets, a mixture of acrylic and water colour paint to depict my self-portraits, both as a young adult and as a child, and ink drawings to illustrate my innate emotion.

Although this body of work has originated from my personal experiences, I hope my works will lead the viewers into a moment of retrospection that helps elicit their own memories and emotions.

Kathy Xu