The word Spirit evokes the idea of mysticism within the formal elements of our world. The word itself has various meanings; it can mean the soul that departs from the body after a creature’s death; or the energy, motivation, known as the fighting spirit that all humans possess. Based on this idea, I was inspired by the Mexican festival “The Day of the Dead” and became fascinated with the rituals that celebrate and honor the dead. Another example of this ritualisation is the modern culture of Rock and Roll that I also connect with the human spirit. I have visualised the concept of Spirit in many different art forms through experimenting with different media including acrylic paint, Copic marker, wax, silver, photography, textile, fabric, pastel and charcoal. I want each material to represent a different form of Spiritual art, and it is my wish that viewers relate to my artwork in a personal way that relates to their own soul.

Louis Lu